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10 Times Graphic Designers Didn’t Quite Hit the Mark!

Often we can look at a well-designed, clean and beautiful logo and think ‘hey, could have done that’. But maybe it’s not quite that easy. We all remember the travesty that was the 2012 summer Olympics logo, big fail. We have found a collection of logos from around the world where the designer wasn’t having a good day and the marketing manager must have been absent or just hated their job to let some of these pass by.


Maybe using a flatline for your healthcare company isn’t the best idea.


We don’t know what this is supposed to say either! But you need to go right to get there.


Yeah, we don’t know what they were going for either here!


Client: Can you make me a logo where it shows that we just stick our finger in a pipe to fix it but the pipe still leaks anyway… Designer: Yeah we got this.


When designing for any sort of vehicle, just take 2 secs to think about what happens when the door opens.


When you’re a cheer academy by day and something very different by night.


When replacing letters with logos, be careful where you put them.


The same goes for replacing the word ‘and’ with ‘n’.


We have no idea what this cafe is called and we don’t think they know either by the looks of it.


Last but not least, this pub. The actual name is Bunch of Grapes, not that you can tell from this!


So there you have it. A very quick but important lesson in making sure your logo design is well thought out and executed properly.

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