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Chez Burton

Chez Burton, a renowned fine dining restaurant specializing in exquisite culinary experiences, aimed to enhance its online presence and engage with a wider audience. To achieve this, they decided to develop a responsive website using WordPress, accompanied by captivating food and drink photography for their website and social media platforms.

Background: Chez Burton recognised the importance of having an appealing and user-friendly website that showcased their exceptional menu, ambience, and customer testimonials. They also understood the impact that visually striking food and drink photography could have on attracting potential customers. The primary objectives of the project were to create an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate website that reflected the essence of Chez Burton’s fine dining experience and to produce high-quality visual content for their online platforms.

Planning and Strategy: To begin the project, the Chez Burton team collaborated with us to go over the initial needs. We conducted a thorough analysis of Chez Burton’s brand identity, target audience, and competitors to develop a comprehensive strategy for the website. They identified the need for a responsive design that would provide an optimal viewing experience across various devices, ensuring seamless accessibility to potential customers.

Development Process: We proceeded with creating a customised WordPress website for Chez Burton, incorporating elegant design elements, user-friendly navigation, and engaging content. We then employed responsive web design techniques to ensure the website adapted to different screen sizes and orientations.

We also bought in our team of food and drink photographers who meticulously captured the essence of Chez Burton’s culinary offerings. We showcased the restaurant’s signature dishes, beautifully plated desserts, carefully crafted cocktails, and the inviting ambience of the dining space. The photography team ensured that each image accurately reflected the quality and attention to detail that Chez Burton prided itself on.

Implementation: Once the website development and photography processes were complete, we integrated the captivating food and drink photography seamlessly into the website. The high-resolution images were strategically placed on each page, complementing the written content and capturing the attention of visitors.

We also implemented a content management system (CMS) using WordPress, allowing the Chez Burton team to effortlessly update their menu, add promotions, and make regular blog posts to enhance their website’s freshness and engagement.

Result and Impact: The launch of the new Chez Burton website with its visually stunning food and drink photography made a significant impact on the restaurant’s online presence. The responsive design ensured a seamless user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The captivating visuals combined with an intuitive navigation structure resulted in increased user engagement and longer average session durations.

Furthermore, high-quality food and drink photography became a cornerstone of Chez Burton’s social media strategy. The restaurant’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts experienced a surge in followers, likes, and shares, as the visually enticing content attracted food enthusiasts and potential customers alike. This increased online visibility translated into a growth in reservations and overall brand awareness.

The collaboration between Chez Burton and Purple Cactus Creative, along with the expertise of the food and drink photography team, resulted in the successful development of a responsive website using WordPress. The combination of an aesthetically pleasing design, user-friendly interface, and captivating visuals elevated Chez Burton’s online presence, attracting a wider audience and showcasing their culinary excellence.


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