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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336
LGLA Responsive Web Design Huntingdon
LGLA Web Design Huntingdon 01

LGLA Projects Ltd

LGLA Projects approached us with a basic design concept for their website. Their goal was to have an online presence that not only showcased their projects but also reflected their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and high-quality landscape architecture.

Project Objectives

Modern and Engaging Design: Create a visually appealing website that aligns with LGLA Projects’ brand and vision.
User-Friendly Interface: Ensure easy navigation and accessibility for visitors.
Showcase Projects: Highlight their diverse portfolio of landscape architecture projects.
Responsive Design: Ensure compatibility across all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

Project Deliverables

Initial Consultation and Planning: Conducted several meetings to understand LGLA’s vision, goals, and specific requirements.
Requirement Analysis: Analysed their initial design ideas and provided suggestions to enhance functionality and aesthetics.
Design Phase: Created design mockups based on the client’s input. Ensured the design was modern, clean, and visually engaging.
Feedback and Revisions: Incorporated client feedback to refine the designs.
Development Phase: Developed the website using WordPress for its flexibility and ease of content management.
Custom Themes and Plugins: Designed custom themes to maintain a unique look and feel. Integrated plugins for enhanced functionality, such as project showcases and testimonial displays.
Testing and Launch: Performed thorough testing to ensure the website was responsive, fast, and bug-free across various devices and browsers.
Client Review and Approval: Conducted a final review with LGLA Projects to ensure all their expectations were met.
Go-Live: Launched the website and provided training to the LGLA team for managing the site independently.

The new website exceeded LGLA Projects’ expectations by effectively showcasing their work and enhancing their online presence. The modern, user-friendly design and the functionality provided through WordPress made it easy for the LGLA team to manage content and engage with their audience.

LGLA Projects expressed their satisfaction with the final product, praising the collaborative process and the website’s ability to communicate their brand and services effectively. The website will now become a key tool in their marketing and client engagement efforts.


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