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The Best Brand Design
in Hertfordshire

Branding goes beyond just making a logo. Good brand design creates an emotional tie to a company. It tells your customers what you believe in. We can help you from start to finish to create a brand that you and your clients will love.

We can help with all aspects of your digital journey, from Logo Design to Digital Marketing, adding Ecommerce to your new or existing site or creating stunning content with our Photography and Video services. If you are looking for brand design Hertfordshire or across the UK, get in touch.


A Brand is
NOT a Logo

Ok, that’s not completely true. But think of your logo more as shorthand or a signature that helps deliver the message of who you are and more importantly what you want your customers to feel. The one golden rule when it comes to branding is always be authentic.

Three Very
Important Questions

What is our company’s vision? The most successful brands on the planet all have the same thing in common, a clear and defined vision, so what’s yours?

What do you stand for and what are your values? There’s a reason “vision and values” are often linked together. One will always lead to the other.

What do your customers say it is that sets you apart? Talk to customers and learn what they think you are doing well (and maybe not so well) and why they do business with you. If you can, speak with recent customers where the decision to buy is still fresh in their minds.

Answering all of these and understanding your own business is the first step in any brand design project and will help in creating a strong and successful brand.

Brand Design Hertfordshire

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