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The Importance of Video Content Online

For a long time, video content was just for the pros. But now not only are consumers seeing more video online than ever before, but businesses are too. In fact, according to Ooyala’s 2019 Video Trends Report, about half of online consumers worldwide watch online video daily and an average of over two hours per day! Video is such an important tool for businesses because it can help boost your brand awareness, engagement with your audience and drive traffic back to your website or landing page.


If you want your content to go viral, video is the way to do it. Think about it: what’s more likely to get someone to share a video than a photo? Videos are also great for engaging with your audience on social media and getting them involved in the conversation around your brand.

Videos can be used as an effective tool for customer service, too. If someone has a question about something you sell or offer, they’re much more likely to open up when they see someone talking directly at them through their computer screen than if all they see is text onscreen (or even worse–an FAQ page).

Brand awareness

Video content is an effective way to build brand awareness.

People are more likely to remember and trust a brand they have seen in video, and they are also more likely to share videos with their friends, family and colleagues. This increases the reach of your message as well as its impact on viewers’ perceptions of your business or organization.

Builds trust

The most important thing to remember about video content is that it builds trust. The more people trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you. Your goal should be to become someone’s go-to source for information on your topic–and video is one of the best ways to do that!

In addition to showing off your expertise and knowledge (which we’ll talk about later), videos also allow people who may not know much about what you do an opportunity to get acquainted with who YOU are as a person. For example: if I want advice on how best to set up my home gym but don’t know much about fitness training myself, watching a few videos from Fitness Expert Bob might help me feel more comfortable with asking him questions when I reach out through email or social media channels later down the road when I’m ready for guidance beyond just browsing his website content library

Builds empathy and connection

Video is a powerful medium because it allows you to convey messages in ways that words can’t. You can see the face of the person speaking, hear their voice and body language, and more easily build empathy and connection with them through video than through text alone.

Video also has some unique advantages over other types of visual content like photos or infographics:

  • Video provides an immersive experience for viewers–they feel like they’re actually there with you as you talk about your topic or product! This makes them more likely to engage with what’s being said because they’re not just absorbing information passively; they’re actively engaging with it via feeling present in the moment along with you (as opposed to simply looking at pictures).
  • It’s easier for people who aren’t native English speakers (or even native speakers) who might otherwise have trouble reading long blocks of text without understanding allusions or references found within those blocks

Personal touch

Video content is an excellent way to connect with customers. People like seeing the human side of your business, and personal videos are more engaging than product videos.

Video is also a great way to share your personality and let people know who you really are. It’s easy for someone browsing through Instagram or Facebook to forget that there are real people behind those profiles–but if you make a video about yourself, it reminds them!

An extension of your brand image

Video is a great way to show your customers what you do. You can use it to demonstrate your expertise, share stories and ideas, and engage with your audience.

Video also has the power to extend your brand image by showing how the business operates. You can show off the work environment, introduce team members or showcase an event that took place at work (for example: a holiday party).

Google loves video!

Google loves video. That’s right, Google loves video so much that they’ve made it easier to find and watch videos online than ever before. In fact, if you type in “video” into Google search (or YouTube), you will be presented with an option to choose “how-to” or “watch now.” This makes sense since we now live in a world where people want answers quickly and easily–and what better way to get those answers than through watching them?

Video is also one of the most engaging forms of content online–it keeps users on your page longer than text does because there are more visual elements involved! Additionally, when someone watches a video about something they’re interested in or looking for information about, they tend not only stay but also share it with others via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter which makes it free advertising for any business trying promote themselves through their website or blog posts (or even Instagram).

Video is important for any business – big or small.

Video is a great way to build trust, empathy and connection. It’s also a great way to show off your brand, showcase the people behind it and build brand awareness.

Video content can have a huge impact on any business – big or small. In fact, according to CMI research (2015), 91% of B2B marketers say that video is important for their companies’ success in 2016–and that number will only grow as time goes on!


It’s never been more important for businesses to be on video. If you’re not already making videos, think about how you can start doing so today. And if you’re already making them, keep going! Video content is a great way to reach an audience and build your brand.

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